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Progressive Lenses
Towne Vision has access to numerous progressive lenses, including Varilux, the premier manufacturer of progressive lenses. They offer Varilux Physio, which allows you to get the sharpest vision, and Varilux Physio Enhanced lenses, which not only make your vision sharper in the daylight, but also during the night. They also offer the Varilux S Series, the newest and completely reinvented progressive lens that eliminates any swim or wave distortions by designing both the left and right lenses together.

Anti-Reflective Coatings
Towne Vision offers multiple types of anti-reflective coatings, such as Crizal, which is a two-sided coating that helps prevent glare, scratches, smudges, dust and even water; most lenses can opt to have this type of coating. Crizal also helps block UV light, which helps prevent the damaging Ultra Violet rays.

Sports and Safety Glasses:
Athletes are able to purchase their Sports Glasses from Liberty Sport's collection, a trusted and well-established company. Towne Vision also has OSHA-approved Safety Glasses from 3M, which provide the ideal protection for your eyes.

In Addition:
Towne Vision provides a large selection of eyeglass frames and sunglasses, along with on-site repairs to keep your glasses in the best possible condition.